GET A MAC IN 30 Minutes

I was really bored of windows caos in these days... So I missed my days with my MAC LC III... Then I looked for some software to make my pc A MAC... Then I found FLYKITEOSX... It's not real maybe, but has the same peacefull soul that I looked for instead of tradefull caos of windows that burning the principals of logic...

FLYKITE is a bundle of a lot of things, that makes your PC DESKTOP look like a mac...
You can download it here

Then I had found more things usefull.. Thes are not included inside FLYKITEOSX...

Finderbar got problems for me***
worked fine for me ***
Provide Same interface of MAC burner...
MacSwitch worked fine for me ***
Same style of MAC software switcher
MacSearch got problems for me***
It looks very fine .. But suddenyl dissappeared and did not work anymore... But maybe forks for you...

MacClock I did not try yet
I did not try yet
I did not try yet

Then I deleted all my desktop icons (see My Desktop below) and placed it on the DOCK that comes with FLYKITEOSX.. Then I made a SHORTCUT for My CD/DVD on desktop... Now except then MACSEARCH; all works fine... It is worth to try.. but prepare a SYSTEM RESTORE point before you try all these... If you don't like you may go back in to your old system...

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