Install MACOSX on PC

Prepare your PC in order to work as a mac with a architecture-independent PowerPC platform emulator software of running most PowerPC operating systems.

Installation of Mac OS X

1. Go buy Mac OS X.
2. It is assumed that you have at least the first Mac OS X Install CD lying on your desk or inserted in your CDROM drive.
3. Please set up your disk and CDROM drive then return here.
4. Please use a Darwin installation CD (instructions) for partitioning of the harddisk. You can try to use the partitioning program that comes with the Mac OS X installer (Disk Utility from the Installer menu) later on but this reportedly creates incomplete and unbootable installations.
5. Work through Getting started then return here.
6. Set prom_driver_graphic to "path/to/video.x".
7. For Mac OS X 10.2 (Jaguar): set prom_env_bootargs to "".
8. Start PearPC, wait and follow the instructions given by the installer.
9. Click the Customize button, and uncheck Additional Print Drivers, Additional Asian Fonts, and Localized Files
10. Click Install and wait a long time.


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