The blog: mojoBlog

The blog:
mojoBlog. Open Source, Free, Joomla Friendly. Download the latest version from our files section. While you're there, grab some modules to adorn it, bling it, make it your own and start publishing your best mojo.

The files: Ground zero for cool stuff for Joomla or a8e (which is Joomla without the nested tables and a lot less bellyfat.) Currently we're featuring mojoBlog but, there's new components, modules and plugins in the pipeline later this Spring.

The wiki: The collective wisdom on all things mojo. "The manual", our online documentation for mojoBlog is getting fleshed out quickly (though perhaps not quickly enough) and should become a bookmarked prima-donna as the next wave of mojobloggers discover it's simplistic rewards.

The faqs: Our growing Q&A section devoted to helping folks get answers from other folks who found answers. From the botched ruins of our former forums we're compiling a compelling reference of information that's bound to answer some of more common questions about mojoBlog, joomla, a8e, virtuemart and sobi2.


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