I'm K.jun(Hyung Jun Kim) I started CG in 1997, so it has almost been 10 years.
I majored painting in college and one day I was not satisfied in just drawing with brush and pencil, then I came across to hear that it is possible to make animation on my own. That is when I got mesmerized by the charms of 3D.
One year after starting 3D, my first trailer “Mirror” won the gold prize at the first Korea computer art association. Since then I had the opportunity to participate...

97bzo(Eun hee choi) I started 3D from a very simple reason. 8 years ago, I needed a turning point and unexpectedly it turned out to be 3D. I started without any expectation but learning 3D very exciting and it was like waiting for art class at school when I was a child. I became to believe that my new work will be able to present me with something valuable in my life. After preparing a portfolio, I applied for many positions and one ani..


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