Single View Reconstruction

This is the home page of the jSVR project. It is a java implementation of a semi-automatic process for identifying and exporting three-dimensional information from a single un-calibrated image. It is based on previous publications of A. Criminisi, A. Zisserman and others. In the section "svr theory" there is a brief presentation of the principals behind single view reconstruction, using perspective information of an image. Single View reconstruction is a technique that can have various applications in different areas of interest. From acquiring metric information from low quality images, to reconstructing scenes from paintings. The process of reconstructing an image is semi-automated and can be really tricky for the user, who is requested to define and/or fine tune a set of difficult to understand parameters. Depending on the goal, the demands to the reconstruction technique differ. In the original work the goal was to test the proposed methodology in the relevant literature and to implement the techniques into an application that could reconstruct an image. The new goal of svr is to provide a user-friendly and intuitive way for reconstructing images, as well as to improve the existing implementation to produce better results. Determining the correct vanishing points with an automatic algorithm would be a great improvement to the whole process.


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